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Colin Stewart – Founder and Head Coach

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Colin is the founder of the Little Vikings group exercise system. Formerly a Chartered Engineer for the Ministry of Defence, he left the service to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach and to spend more time with his two children. Working part-time as a Coach, full-time as a housedad and training in his garage-gym, he noticed how much fun both children had copying him.

Using the ‘softer’ tools and drills such as sandbags, medicine balls, sleds, crawling, bounding, etc, the children enjoyed themselves playing games with the equipment but also exploring different movements and improving their physical skills.

From his training in corrective exercise and physical development (primarily through the  Functional Movement Systems curriculum) he knew that much of his work as a Coach was to actually restore clients to the freedom of movement they had enjoyed as children.


As people get older, they play less, move less and this leads to becoming stiff, sore and cranky.  So what if there was a way to teach children that moving is fun, whilst also improving their physical skills such as their strength, coordination and overall fitness!

Having also worked as an assistant Judo Coach, Colin was aware of the move in Olympic Sports to develop children (under the age of 10) primarily through the use of sports related games as opposed to only practicing the sport itself. Children are ‘learning machines’ and all we really need to do is to give them the opportunity to play and learn as many different skills as we can.


Colin is also an instructor for Kidpower  UK, an international non-profit organisation which teaches children, among other things, anti-bullying and people safety skills. He saw a way to incorporate many of the Kidpower teaching methods into the animal/strongman inspired games.

And so Little Vikings was born. A movement based system, incorporating strongman games, which also teaches children skills for being safe and building positive relationships with people wherever they go.

A fuller biography of Colin is available here.


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