Little Vikings was developed as a means to keep kids fit and active using a game based and play oriented approach. It is widely recognised that the best model for developing skills and physical ability in children is through games and play. Using specifically chosen and designed games, coaches can develop sports specific skills.


In Little Vikings we choose to develop the natural movement patterns that we are born with, along with the natural activities of lifting, carrying, running and crawling (and from that climbing). Movement based training and strongman training provide an excellent vehicle to teach and develop these skills and attributes.

It has been accepted that one of the leading reasons for many physical (and mental) illnesses and injuries in adults is because of a reduced amount, and range, of movement. Little Vikings encourages children to build healthy exercise and movement habits that will carry into adulthood.

Little Vikings encourages individual and team based games, giving children the chance to develop skills in communication, team working, and leadership.

Also, our collaboration with Kidpower UK allows us to introduce anti-bullying skills such as awareness, acting confident, boundary-setting, and moving away from trouble. Kidpower UK is a non-profit organisation that teaches children and adults of all backgrounds and abilities how to be safe with other people, and build healthy relationships.


Little Vikings works perfectly as a standalone activity or in conjunction with other sporting activities. As our focus is on developing natural movement skills this has tremendous carry-over to other sports and life in general.

A typical Little Vikings class is 30 to 45 minutes and consists of:

  • Animal Movements
  • Chasing games
  • Strong-boy/Strong-girl lifting and carrying races (team games)
  • Traditional playground games
  • ‘Zen time’ (chill out incorporating relaxation and mindfulness activities for kids)